Meet your new My Tasks

Hi @Jennifer_Baselice, I’m afraid we don’t have a specific date to share on when the full roll out will be completed as this migration is scheduled in stages, you can see when each roll out is planned in this comment.

Thanks for your feedback @Mike_Hoefer! I will make sure to update this thread if we have any plans to update the dates of the migration for Business and Enterprise users!

Hi @Emily_Roman the ‘Recurring Tasks in Later’ Hack is no longer working after the migration. Perhaps you could create another recommended Rule that would allow us to recreate this functionality?


I just signed in to my personal (free) Asana and have this now, and unfortunately I found it very confusing. I use keyboard shortcuts and Today/Upcoming/Later very heavily, and they just weren’t working, but it wasn’t obvious why. I think there had been a pop-up to say something had changed, but it wasn’t clear (and isn’t clear in the intro to this post) that something had stopped working. The keyboard shortcuts are still listed in the list from the help menu too, so I really was scratching my head and it’s only from other user posts here that I can see confirmation that they’ve been removed.

I’m sure there’s lots of good stuff about the new My Tasks which I’ll look forward to discovering, but the need to manually recreate auto-promotion between sections (not just for me, but I’ve got a 40 person team in our Premium account and when onboarding them with Asana I pitch that as a key benefit of the product, so now I need to tell them it’s changing and trust / support them in building their own custom rules) and the removal of keyboard shortcuts is a huuuuge shame for me.


So great to see the My Tasks area getting some improvements :smiley:

Keyboard shortcuts for today, upcoming and later is gone though? That’s a shame as I used that all the time. Looking forward to seeing what the Asana team have in store as an improvement there.


Amazing, I just want to say amazing

I’m really struggling to figure out how to do part of this. Is there going to be a way to do some sort of "if task due date is updated and more than x days away , move to “Americatools” section?

It would be cool if you’ll have simply changing a maturity back, trigger it to maneuver to a special section. (There’s the “boardersguide” trigger, but you’re not always moving a maturity back, sometimes you’re moving it forward. i might just want it to trigger if the maturity is quite say 3 days from now.

The shorcuts TAB-L, TAB-Y & TAB-U are not working…I find this very important while organising my tasks. Is this GONE.


I too miss this


This is kinda disappointing to see.
Keyboard shortcuts are super helpful. Hope they come back.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Niel_Bowerman! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to automatically move recurring tasks from the Recently assigned section to Later. I’ll post an update here once we have more details about this option!

In regards to the keyboard shortcuts, we have implemented some options so you can achieve this with the new My Tasks:

  • Since your My Tasks now works similar to a project, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • You can now move tasks between section from list view, the task view and when multi-selecting tasks:

I also encourage you to create a new thread in our #productfeedback category so we can track all feedback and votes!


not a fan. I just want to see ALL tasks assigned to me - sorted by due date. do not want/need this “recently assigned” section. I have a multi-year project. assigned a task to myself 3 years ago. Due date is TODAY. so because it was not “recently assigned” - it does NOT show up in my task list? Example: In my task list right now “recently assigned section” (which I can’t delete either) - one task due today. Go to home “tasks due soon” FIVE tasks due today. So, four of them - did not assign to myself “recently”; no way to see it in my task list. Defeats the purpose of a master task list.


I have a TON of recurring tasks - having them automatically flow into the “Recently Assigned” section, and then have to manually move them to the ‘Later’ section is ridiculous.


I think after having been using Asana since 2016 that this is the first upgrade that I have met with dissatisfaction. So, take that for what it is. I’ve learned to role with any changes, but this one seems quite tough.

The “My Tasks” section is where I can quickly delegate my tasks for the day essentially without thinking. The “My Tasks” page allowed me to understand and prioritize my day on a sometimes hourly basis as things change in my world and those “touches” really did benefit from the workflow of “today” or “upcoming” or “very far away.”

I will need to fairly substantially adjust my workflow and it’s going to take some work.

Also, the performance for me of this page is not like it used to be, it’s quite slow so far, which also adds to the frustration.

The subtasks that I assigned within the “Today” view were helpful within that view, but fail on their own merit… so maybe I’ve been using Asana wrong… but it worked very well for me and was based on guidance in early tutorials.

So… I’m willing to keep trying, but out-of-the-gate, this actually breaks Asana for me to the point where I don’t want to use it. Maybe a video tutorial showing how to gain performance benefits will change my mind, but this is so much different than the way I use (based on your original tutorials, mind you) Asana that I just am lost.

I have no interest in the features you’re adding to the “my tasks” page. Those all do their job very well in other places.


The Later functionality was a core part of my workflow. I can’t believe you just eliminated it.


Board view is great, but everything else makes everything complicated. So far “My Tasks” view in Asana was perfect for GTD approach to task management. The “Today” section was the key for every day workflow.

And now it is not.

Fist, there are no keyboard shortcuts. Tab+L, Tab+T don’t work. Good bye quick keyboard Asana, hello long mouse travels for the most basic everyday task.

Then you cannot fully simulate the old, automatic, logical and obvious progression (later->upcoming->today) with rules. There is a problem if you have a task that repeats. When you complete your weekly task, a new one appears. It used to go to “Later” automatically, which was perfect. But now it always goes to “Recently assigned”! So you have to move it with the mouse to “Later” every single time.

How is this a good change? It makes things less effective, as basic things require more attention. What was automatic is now manual, what was accessed with keyboard in 0.2s how takes 2s with mouse.

And now the only solution to keep the daily workflow fast and simple is to get rid of all the sections in “My Tasks”. But then, say good bye to “Getting Things Done” approach, where list of tasks for Today is fundamental to effective workflow.

In this new solution you just can’t have “Today” section unless you spend time on babysiting it.

Asana has been changing things into more and more complicated for some time now and I really don’t get it. After all the most powerful thing was its simplicity.

So now I have to manually set some rules to get close to what was already available without any rules. And I have to keep moving tasks manually between sections every day, even though it all worked automatically before.

How is this helpful in any way?


Hey Emily,

I’m on the free version and haven’t received the update yet. Are you still performing migrations for ‘free’ versions or should I contact support?

Thanks and looking forward to the new layout!

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to automatically move recurring tasks from the Recently assigned section to Later. We are planning to add this as a fast follow, I’ll post an update here once we have more details about this option!

That’s great to hear. Thanks for helping make this a priority @Emily_Roman !

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Forces people to pay to have the custom rules functionality I imagine.


I’ve been told there is only 1 promotion event daily to move Tasks from e.g. Later to Upcoming, and it occurs around midnight. This has seemed to be true in the rare times that I check. See Tasks not populating into the "Today" section - #4 by Stephanie_Oberg