Maximizing efficiency for an apparel company


I am looking for any suggestions on how to improve the workflow for my company.

I implemented Asana for my company several months ago and we are 2 seasonal collections into its use. We have 2 seasonal projects a year fall/winter and spring/summer with about 150 styles each season. It is functioning well, however I am always thinking there is a better way and could use guidance.

Currently we create 1st prototype tasks for each style as they begin their lifecycle and they progress through several other stages(setup as tasks) before they become finished products.

Does it make sense to classify the seasons as projects and then each style as tasks or is there a better way to organize for improved workflow? I feel like each style/product is technically its own project however we have many each season. Is there a way to group projects into a larger section of project groups?

Thanks in advance for your help