Organizing 60 + Emails per month - Tasks vs Projects

We send up to 60+ emails a month and in setting up a new workflow, I built out something very robust with tasks and sub-tasks but the sub-tasks functionality or lack thereof has been a headache to workaround. I want to be able to have every email in one project so that I can see everything in the calendar view and the List view and have all due dates auto-populate based on the email launch date. I was trying to avoid having to use projects because I dont want a million projects cluttering up my sidebar. Alternatively, I could create a “team” that is each month and organize that way with projects associated in each folder. But I think I use the calendar functionality overall. Anyone have any best practices dealing with the organization and process flow of 60+ emails a month?


All my best practices are found here:

I believe that gives pros and cons to solutions related to your needs.

For any more specific answers, I feel it’s dangerous to try to do so in a Forum without the benefit of a discussion focusing on needs, tradeoffs, and details, which I do daily with clients.

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That was a great webinar - I still have my issue but thanks for replying and sending me your link!

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