Master project management basics

As discussed in the Master project management basics course, it can be helpful to develop team conventions around creating and assigning new tasks. Share your experience to the questions below with others to accelerate their learning.

Does it feel strange and foreign to assign a task to someone? If so, what conventions has your team set to help normalize the assignment of tasks across the team?


Team huddle prior to task assignment

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That’s great @Linda6! Many of our customers find that a team huddle or kickoff meeting to set some conventions before they start assigning tasks in Asana is useful to make sure everyone is on the same page.

In the Asana ecosystem, I don’t think it would fee odd to assign a task to another team member. It’s just the nature of getting things done.


@Jonathan_Gaby It’s wonderful to hear that when working in Asana, assigning tasks is part of the equation to know who is doing what by when. As you said, it’s a part of getting things done. Do you know that you can assign copies of tasks to multiple teammates to get even more done quickly?

For many teams, this way of working may feel foreign or uncomfortable. It can require a pretty significant change in the way they are currently working. And it can take some thoughtful change management to ensure the team adopts the Asana way of working.

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