Master project management basics

Hi @marika_thomas, are you referring to the Asana basics webinar? Are you still waiting to receive the recording? You should usually receive the email with the recording within 24-48 hours so let me know if you never got it.

As the early adopter of Asana in my team, assigning tasks came with no reaction and some confusion. There was no team agreement to start using Asana. (I was just testing it). Slowly with presenting to the team the potential of time-saving and efficiency, more teammates like Asana. They do have issues with receiving emails from Asana (Many of them asked me for help to turn those off).
The hardest part is to assign or get Stakeholders from other departments to be involved in tasks. WIP for me I guess :slight_smile:


In the past I have felt quite against being assigned tasks. I work in a self-managed company, where we are each responsible for setting our workload. I’m starting to come around to the idea, but does anyone have any advice on how this can work well in a flat organisation?

Hi @Jake_Hill. There are definitely some good insights within this thread already. From my experience, making sure that everyone is on the same page about how to use Asana within your business flows is indeed essential. This helps to clarify expectations for the how & who will be assigning tasks. Within any org, just because you are assigned a task…it doesn’t mean it can’t be reassigned. For unexpected tasks assigned, it helps to initiate a discussion and communication on why that task is needed/requested. We add a brief comment around any non-standard tasks assigned to help this along. As with most things, open and honest communication is the key.

Hey thanks for the reply Bernie. I’m slowly starting to convince people of the importance of Asana, the assigning thing I think will come a bit later, but I’m feeling a sense of progression so far, so that’s great.

I like to assign the tasks first and then use the conversations feature to get people up to speed on why they are assigned this task and the specifics of what needs to happen.

Typically tasks or a brief outline of duties are discussed before assignment in my camp

For the Chamber of Commerce, we host monthly board meetings to discuss projects and assign roles and then I add all of the tasks and assign them based on those meetings.