Organizing Task from Top Manager to Manager and then Delegation From Manager to Subordinate

Hi all!
I am a manager using Asana and am involved in 2 different projects:
-One “Top Management Project” with the company’s top management (in which I am assigned tasks from the company’s CEO for example)
-Another one with my own internal team (where I assign tasks to members of my team).

Many times, I assign the same exact task I receive (In the “top management project”) to one of my team members (in my “Internal Team Project”)
What’s the smartest/most efficient way to do so?
*I would like to avoid writing/creating manually the same exact task I receive in another project.
*At the same time, I wouldn’t want to the same exact task in 2 different projects just because in one, it should remain assigned to me (in the “Top management Project”) and then in the other it should be assigned to my subordinate (In “my internal team project”).

How should I organize these types of tasks and facilitate communications between top management and my internal team (keeping in mind that I have to be the Assignee of the task in the “Top Management Project” even though technically I am not since my team will do it)?

Hi @OmarZid, thanks for asking! You can duplicate the task and simply uncheck the “Assignee” box and add this task to the “Internal Team Project”.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

When the “Top Management Project” does not contain confidential information, I would consider using the “sub tasks”.
For the Task then assigned to me, I would create a SubTask and assign to one of my team members

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Thanks so much @Ronny_Lion and @Rebecca_McGrath!
And I guess I can find a way to make reports about subtasks right?
Asking because reports and dashboards are usually made about tasks (Not subtasks)

Yes, @OmarZid! You can choose to search for subtasks only by selecting Add Filter > More > Subtasks in your Advanced Search :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

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