Marking tasks as complete on task due date

I am looking to set up a rule that would automatically mark a task as complete on the due date so that the task can be moved to another section where a new due date would be assigned. And then once that new due date hits, it would trigger a Slack message.

The idea is to notify our team 2 weeks after a task due date in order to carry out the next step of the process. This project in particular relies on a form that my colleagues would use to input the tasks, so I’m trying to keep it as automated as possible, without having to go in and manually mark tasks as complete.

There doesn’t seem to be an option to automatically mark a task as complete on the due date, only when a task is marked complete can other actions be triggered. Is there a way to automate this?

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Hi @Cameron_Manderfield,

Welcome to the Asana Community! I have attached a screenshot of the exact rule you should create. In case you are unfamiliar with rules, I have listed the trigger and actions:

Trigger: Due Date is approaching (Task Due Today)

  • Complete Task
  • Move task to a certain section
  • Set due date (Due Today)
  • Send channel message to Slack

Hope this helps!