Slack rule triggered when a project is marked complete or when only a certain task is marked complete

Hi there! I am wondering if there is a way to trigger an automatic notice to a Slack channel when a project is marked as complete. I can see how to do this when a task moves between sections or when any/all tasks are marked complete.

Currently we use Asana for eLearning course production, and each course is a project that is made up of several tasks that need doing to get a course built and published. Once a course is published we mark the whole project complete. We want a way to celebrate this as a team, since it is a team effort, and it’s exciting for all to see when new courses are complete and live in our catalog.

Most of what I have found with the Asana and Slack integration is at the task level and not at the project level. If there isn’t a way to trigger a rule when a project is complete, is there a way to trigger a rule only when a certain task is marked complete? For instance when our “publish” task is marked complete?

I really appreciate y’all!!

Currently Asana does not have rules for project related event. Maybe soon! :person_shrugging: