Mapping fields issue (Asana <-> Jira)

Hi all!

I think I got the issue with mapping some fields between Asana and Jira.
I got this issue with a couple of fields only, like ie.:
in Jira we are using VIP Value field. The same field was created by me in Asana (added to library). And despite it exists - I cannot find this field on the list (on the right side, see attachment). Instead of mapping those two, Asana suggests to create a new field.

I am using a couple of more fields and I met there the same issue. Is there a kind of limitation?

Please let me know,

What’s the type of the Asana field?

What do you mean by ‘type of the field’? :confused:


Every Asana custom field has a field type.

What’s the type of the “VIP Value” field in Asana?