Asana x Jira Cloud - Field Mapping

Recently set up the Asana x Jira 2 way sync to get two of our departments talking cross-platform more easily. So far so good, except for two things:

I have mapped Assignee (in Jira) to custom field Jira Assignee (in Asana), but no assignees populate. Seems to be stuck as a People type field as well, which makes little sense to me; why should Jira users have to have an Asana account? Is there any way to pull the Jira assignee names as text?

I have mapped Sprint (in Jira) to custom field Jira Sprint (in Asana), but the field does not show on the project. It’s not hidden either, as it doesn’t show in the task details. How do I get it to show?

Hello @Ashley_McKnight

Welcome back to the forum.

if the custom field is text for example, will the mapping work? I am just thinking to see if it is purely because the integration is reading license for license, rather than field to field if that makes sense.

For the sprint in Jira, I will try and test this. Let us hope someone has encountered this and have a recommendation for us.

Hi Rashad,

Thanks for the reply. I don’t seem to be able to change the field type for Jira Assignee, as I said it’s stuck as a People type. Maybe I missed a setting somewhere? I will re-check. Please let me know about the Jira Sprint field as I still cannot find it either!