Mapping answers from Google Form to Asana


My team wants to use Asana to track an internal task requiring clients to submit private information. We are aware that Asana specifically advises against this. The workaround is to have clients submit the info using a Google Form, which will house the private information in Google Drive, while using to Asana to track the work items’ progress.

Can fields be mapped from the Google Form to Asana tasks using Zapier? If so, how?

I appreciate any help on this topic.


For each submission you want to create an Asana task?

Hi Bastien,

Yes, for each submission, we’d want an Asana task. That’s to say:

  1. Client fills out Google Form
  2. Requisite private information is saved in a Google folder
  3. Asana task with the client’s name, and email address, among other information is created.

Zapier should be able to help, you need to check if the trigger exist. For the action to create tasks, it is definitely available.

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