Google Drive Integration

We use Asana to manage production jobs for clients and internally.
We machine parts based on customer designs. At the moment we load all the documentation in a local folder on the PC (which is synced with others) and have all the status and job info on Asana with custom fields. I know we could just load all files inside Asana but they are stored somewhere we don’t know and they’re not well organized. I was wondering if it possible to use the drag and drop feature and directly load it inside a Google Drive folder that is created based on the task name

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Hi Sam,

you might be able to use Zapier to automatically create folders in your Google Drive when an Asana task is created.
In the meantime I suggest you sync all your local data to Google Drive, simply create one folder per client and put this folder URL into a custom field or the description of the task.


Of course you can also directly attach the files to your task.


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@Sebastian_Paasch At one time community users indicated that custom fields did not recognize a URL. Has this changed and if so what form of Custom Field are you using?


I am using the normal text field, and the URL is not clickable, but this is a minor problem, I click CTRL + L and CTRL + V and I am there :slight_smile: