manually order 'today' tasks when sorting by 'due date'

I have a list of tasks assigned to me. I look at ‘My Tasks’ and want to see incomplete tasks for ‘today’ at the top of list, so I set view to sort by ‘due date’. Now I want to order that list by which ‘today’ tasks I want to work on first, second, etc.

sorting by ‘due date’ seems to remove the ability to drag tasks.
How to get around this?

You cannot. Today-Upcoming-Later are just sections, you can move tasks in and out of them whatever their due dates are. In your case maybe you should use a “Today” tag to tag tasks you want to work on today… Does it make sense?

makes sense. however I have dates set for some tasks, and some tasks are repeating. so turning tags off and on, changing to tomorrow after complete today, and then tomorrow to today when tomorrow arrives, and going through the list to find todays date and add today tag, (especially since adding tags in asana is a bit clumsy) doesn’t seem like a good system.

No indeed :sweat_smile:

Hi @jj1 and welcome to the Forum!

Instead of sorting your My Tasks by due dates, what about using the Today/Upcoming/Later sections? If you want to see “Today” tasks at the very top, I’d recommend collapsing your “New task Section”. When looking at your My Tasks you will be able to straightaway identify which task you need to work on today and if you need to, you will be able to re-organize them within your Today section using drag and drop.

Your tasks will automatically be promoted to “Upcoming” one week before they’re due, and to the “Today” section the day they’re due!

that may work. However, I am not seeing a ‘Later’ section in My Tasks. Could I have deleted it? and if so how do I get it back.

Should tasks automatically sort themselves into today/upcoming/later sections? I see that a task with due date not for today is in the Today section? And will tasks without a due date automatically do into the ‘later’ section?

Hi @jj1,

In order for the New Tasks, Today, Upcoming, and Later sections to be displayed, they must contain at least one task. If you’re not seeing your Later Section it is probably because it’s empty. Simply mark one of your tasks for Later (using the Tab+L shortcut) and it will reappear.

Tasks do not sort themselves within these sections, but you can move them using the drag & drop feature to organize them in your order of preference!

The task was probably moved manually by mistake (only tasks with a due date will be auto-promoted

When assigned to you, tasks automatically and always land in the “New Tasks” Section. From there you can sort them in the Section you want: Today (Tab+Y), Upcoming (Tab+U), Later (Tab+L).

Hope this helps!

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