Managing processes - Loops, conditional branching etc


does Asana support management of complex processes, which include conditional branching and loops?

Conditional branching is necessary for anything that involves a decision,

Loops are useful for cases when some sequence of steps needs to be repeated possibly with a bit modified instructions in the next run.

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Do you have a practical example? That would be when task A is done, then task C pops up?

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Conditional branching

  • when there is a security incident, a manager on duty decides what parties should be involved, Involvement of each party represents a branch with next possible steps.


  • Processing of data cannot be completed because an error appeared, it is necessary to resolve the problem and try the steps necessary to start again.

Asana does not really have this kind of automatic “connection”. But you can come close to this, using a mix of tasks containing steps and tasks/projects you can duplicate for various scenarios. Would that make sense?

For example: one task called “Security incident” containing notes “If incident X, create a project based on the template T_X, if Y, use template T_Y”.