Branch workflow based on decision

We are using Asana for several types of projects, where each has a series of tasks to complete the project’s process, through a straightline workflow. We would like to use Asana for a process that has a workflow that branches based on a decision. For a simple example – decision is US vs foreign customer, with the process for the foreign customer including tasks not needed for the US customer (such as prepare export documents). Is there a way to do this branching in Asana?

Hi @John_Appleman, thanks for reaching out!

I believe you can achieve this using custom fields and Rules. For example, you can create a field where the options are UO and foreign customer. Then you can create a Rule that trigger a specific action once one of these fields is selected. Alternatively, if you can also have a look at our feature Forms branching.

I hope this helps! Let’s see what other forum members can recommend here :raised_hands: