If / That Options?

I would like to set up templates in which users can check if the project goes one way or another and that in turn changes the following steps in the project. Example: Hiring a new employee. The process has been added to asana. Users will select if the new hire has worked for us before or if they are new to the organization. Selecting one or the other will change the on boarding steps.
Is something like this possible?

Hi @Jeff_Kremer; Michael from Asana here.

The type of automation you’re looking for is not currently available in-product, per se. If you have access to a nifty developer, they could use our API to automate some, if not most of this process. For additional information on how to use our API, take a look our guide post on the topic below:

Hope this helps!

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I believe this would be very useful to others @Jeff_Kremer.
And you can use Asana Experts to find a developer that knows the API.