Creating WHAT IF decision scenarios of project planning

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I’d like to start using Asana to do some decision planning (if possible). We as a business do move quite fast and have changes inevitably that impact the costs and timelines of a project. What I would like to is be able to see the impact of costs and times of a decision change and wanted to know if this is possible.

ie if for New Product Development I need to make a change to a name of a product and that will impact the timelines and may add additional costs to areas such as additional shipping costs. I was thinking I could add a custom field for costs to every single task and I wanted to see what impact one change in the project would have across the whole project. I appreciate a lot of this will be manual as we can’t ‘push’ out all dates like MS Project if we move one date but it would be great to be able to demonstrate what the cost impact is on a project with each change suggested.

Has anyone tried anything like this before??

There will most likely be several key tasks in a project where there could a cost change and I thought I could create two projects with shared tasks except these so I could total up the differences in costs. Would this work in theory?

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Hi Khalid,

Wow, that sounds really interesting! One of the things that I like best about Asana is it’s flexibility. Have you taken a look at some of the Apps and Integrations? There are some Time Tracking Apps (Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana) that might help you with comparing time estimates for different scenarios. You could create a separate project in Asana for each scenario to test. As for the cost, I would use the custom fields for that, but there might be an integration that will help tally the cost in each scenario. I know that there is a time tracking integration that will tally times, so you might be able to use the same one or find a different one for that purpose.

I hope that helps, good luck!

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While I am currently a Harvest integration user, I have heard that Everhour may be more a potential for what you are trying to do. Might want to trial and let us all know.

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Thanks Katie. It would be amazing if we could scenario planning into Asana somehow. I think it would be very manual at the moment but I’ll see what versions work.

Thanks James. I’ll take a look at Everhour. I did some research last night it looks like I need a Portfolio Management Soln that gives you planning comparison options.

I am interested if anyone has managed scenarios plans successfully in Asana ie different plans but built on same base plan