Cost tracking and forecasting with Asana?

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We’re gearing up for a home remodeling project and I’m looking for a lightweight project management tool to help run the project. I’d like to use Asana but a big need we have is to assign costs to individual items, which will either represent things we are paying people to do (work expenditures) or things we have to buy (purchase expenditures). I have seen some nice Asana integrations with Harvest and similar for time tracking, but nothing on the cost side.

At a minimum, we’d need a way to track (a) planned cost, (b) actual cost, (c) the difference, and have sums calculated for these so we can forecast both the initially planned costs and as well as updated forecast based on actual costs. It looks like we could use custom fields for (a) and (b) but can one do arithmetic across fields to cover (c)?



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Yes you can! :slight_smile:

You just have to mark the tasks you want to see the sum of.

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Is there a way to do this with boards?