Managing Invoice Approvals in Asana: A Workaround Using Tags

Hello Asana Community,

I wanted to share how our team has been managing invoice approvals within Asana, in the absence of a dedicated rule for routing tasks to specific sections within a project.

In our workflow, we utilize tags as a workaround. Each invoice entered into our invoice approval project is automatically tagged as “Pending approval” and assigned to the responsible individual within the company.

Followed by a rule in the assigned person’s inbox:

Trigger: Task is added to my tasks
Check if: Invoice approval status is set to “Pending approval”, “Approved”, or “Rejected”
Action: Move task to section “Invoice approval”

I hope this insight helps others facing similar challenges.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and any alternative approaches you’ve found useful!

Best regards, Pesach

Thanks, @Pesach_Felberbaum, for posting. I moved your post to a new thread because it wasn’t related to the past one.