Manage Inbox Notifications


Is there a way to set better filters for Inbox notifications.

I get notified for EVERYTHING !!!

As the team grow my inbox grows.

For example, one of the Team created a new task for herself. I am in the team but I just dont need to be notified at this level.

Hi @Gary_Capps1 Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Yes, I agree that if we do not curate the notifications it will get out of hand. Some ways to do this is by:

  1. updating the notification settings in the projects. See this video:
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  2. Leave the task where you are added as collaborator by selecting the option “Leave task” at the bottom right of the task.

  3. While in your Inbox and you have a notification about tasks in a project you can select to not be notified for this project. See image below:

  4. Lastly you can use the filters for the notification:

Here is some more info:

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