Making "My Tasks" actually work for me (Sections, Custom Fields, etc.)

Hi all,

Currently, I live in “My Tasks”. I used to sort it by “Due Date”, but I ran into the problem that I couldn’t re-order or prioritize tasks. I just got a flat due date. I also couldn’t effectively use Sections.

So then I sorted it by “None”, but found that I couldn’t really use Sections for any recurring tasks, as they don’t show up in the proper section after completion. I also couldn’t apply any custom fields to “My Tasks” unless they were in a project that had custom field values.

I believe one possible solution would be todo this:

  • List item Setup a project called “My Tasks” (or something similar) and add all of my assigned tasks to it
  • List item Setup a Zapier to assign any new task assigned to me to that project
  • List item abandon the default “My Tasks” forever and just operate out of that project forever.

Is there a better way?



Welcome :wave:

Looks like a good idea.

I personally use task autopromotion ( a lot. Which means I have only a dozen of tasks in My Tasks at any given time. So I can rearrange them everyday very fast.

I suppose you have a lot of tasks?