Make email title focus on the updates conveyed

Currently the email subject line for tasks I’ve been assigned is:

Assigned to You: Name of task

For the longest time I read this as meaning that the given task had just been assigned to me, i.e: that the change the email was for was a change in assignment (rather than merely that this was an email about a task to which I was assigned).

Having realised that this isn’t the case, I now view this part of the email subject line as somewhere between actively distracting and merely taking up more of the subject line than needed. I can certainly see that it’s useful to be able to tell the difference between emails on tasks to which I’m assigned, however dedicating what is often the first half of the email subject line to it feels overkill. As noted above, the wording is also potentially confusing.

An alternative subject might be like “Your task: Name of task” or perhaps “Name of task (assigned to you)”. A larger change might be to put the description of the update into the subject line as well or instead of the assignment note.

As an aside around rolling a change of this nature out – I can well imagine that users may have inbox filters which key on this phrase in the subject line, so publicising it ahead of time and/or providing other ways to filter the emails might be useful.