Make bundle removal more intuitive and consistent with the rest of the UI

When I’m in the Dashboard for bundles, when I hit the […] behind the project name [ X Remove Bundle] comes up, in red.

Throughout all of Asana when something turns up in red it means you’re actually deleting something rather than removing the link. So that is what I’m teaching my colleagues, if it’s red, you’re deleting, if it’s not, you’re not. It’s the difference between [Remove project from portfolio] in white, and [Delete project] in red. I’m not even sure what it reads actually reads, but Asana has conditioned me to recognise text in red as “you’re actually throwing stuff away”.

So now I get the idea that that thing I’m about to delete is the bundle, since that is what it reads.

After going in circles for a while - not wanting to delete the bundle by accident - I found out it actually appears to mean, is “Remove bundle from project”, which in my opinion should be white text, not red.

Hi @Jan-Rienk, thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:
Your point totally makes sense! The red UI text should mean something serious like deleting objects.

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