Green? Red? Yellow? Blue! New Project Status Color

Hello Everyone!

Short post to let you all know we’re adding a new enum for Project Statuses so you aren’t caught off-guard!

The new options will be:
Blue *new

Blue represents projects that are “On Hold”.

In the docs, you can see this change on the Project Status schema ( ) if you expand the “Enumerated Values” section.

Comment below with questions or concerns!

*Normally, a change that adds additional enum options and doesn’t break anyone isn’t forum-post worthy, but because this is introducing a new concept, we thought it was important!



I definitely appreciate posts like this here.

And re a change like this not breaking anything: Well, in Asana2Go I care about the available enum values in depicting status, so yes, this would be a kind of breaking change for me, or at least a change a third-party developer must be guaranteed to hear about.

Re the change itself, I have a UI (not API) concern: Blue is often used as a neutral/info color in addition to the typical Green/Yellow/Red, for example:

So I wish your UI would reserve blue for that use, and pick another color for On Hold, like gray perhaps. Too late???




That’s a good point. Perhaps they had the neutral/info in mind for “reference” projects, and are using blue to indicate “unactionable” instead of explicitly “on hold”?

I’m not sure, but I’ll forward your feedback to the appropriate team!


In regards to watching any type of change, I think the best option would be to watch our OpenAPI spec for changes as it’s the thing that powers all of our public documentation anyway.

We’re still working on making this process better and adding something like a true changelog that you can subscribe to, but until then, I think this is the best that we have.

But because you say that, I’ll ensure we prioritize posting when things change.


Thanks very much, @Ross_Grambo, for all these points.

I started watching the OpenAPI spec, so I appreciate that.

Thanks for these posts and for continually trying to improve things for our behalf.

Re the color, my suggestion of gray goes well with the notion of something being unactionable, something I didn’t point out in my original post here, in case that’s meaningful to forward on as well.

Thanks again,