Is there a way to set a project as "On Hold"?

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to set a project’s status to On Hold - this is different than the three statuses we currently have (Green, Yellow and Red).

Hi @Waldo_Nell and welcome to the forum!

Point of initial clarification…
You’ve posted in the Developers section, but I don’t think you’re asking a programming question - you’re asking if this is possible in the Asana product itself, not via any software development on your part, is that right? (If so, I’ll move your post to Tips and Tricks.)

Both. I want my custom software to be able to control the On Hold status of an Asana project. I did not see any such attribute on a project object in the API.

Ah OK, then it is in the right forum section.

You’re basically correct. The status info you refer to isn’t on the project object itself but rather is a separate ProjectStatus object - but there’s no ability to customize the existing red-yellow-green status values.

One thing you could do is to create a custom field on the project as a place to store the fact that it’s “on hold”. On a Business or Enterprise subscription, custom fields are displayed on the portfolio screen - although they are also available on a project’s Progress tab - so perhaps that would work for your purposes.

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You could also add this state in the project name with [HOLD] or an emoji :fist:

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Thanks I’ll look in to these options.