When a Project is placed "On Hold" the associated Tasks should also be placed "On Hold"

I have been updating and reprioritizing projects. Some projects will be on hold until a future date but it’s annoying to still have the associated tasks showing in my “current” task to-do lists. I don’t want the tasks deleted but rather on hold with the project.

Currently this is not a feature Asana offers but I think it could be helpful.

Any help from other Asana users as to what you do in this situation other than setting new deadlines for later in the year? Thank you :slight_smile:

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I believe this behaviour is coherent with how Asana works elsewhere:

  • archiving a project does nothing to the tasks
  • deleting a project does nothing to assigned tasks

In your case, there is no “on hold” status anyway on tasks. There is a custom field for status but it is not added by default.

Anyway, Product Feedback was the right category for your post!

Thank you @Bastien_Siebman for your response! I have created custom fields as a workaround for now… :slight_smile: