Implement an "on hold" status in Project Update status

The progress reports are great, but I’m finding that being limited to green (on track), yellow (at risk), red (off track) can be misleading when you have a project that’s been put On Hold. Projects can go On Hold for a variety of reasons. I’ve had On Hold projects that are still considered Green, for example. I’ve had On Hold projects that are neutral and it doesn’t make sense to call them on/off track or at risk.

COVID has put a couple of my projects on hold. We’re just paused. So we’re neither on track, off track, or at risk. We’re just holding for now while we work on other things.

I wanted to put this out there as something to consider adding. Curious what others think and what you’re doing currently as a workaround or solution to projects that are on hold.

Hi @Eric_Clark and thanks for sharing this feedback with us, it’s very interesting and definitely something we should look into for future updates!

I’ve slightly modified the title of your thread so it better represent your idea and is more discoverable to other users. I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I have an update!

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Thanks, @Marie!
Here’s how I’m handling this for now: image
On track isn’t necessarily true, but neither is at risk or off track. The project will start again, we’re just not sure when.

Maybe a fourth status that’s gray for On Hold or Paused would make sense.


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Hi folks,

We’re excited to announce a new “On Hold” status for your Project and Portfolio status update! You can now choose from “On Track”, “At Risk”, “Off Track” and “On hold”.

We hope that you enjoy this update, don’t hesitate to let us know in #tipsandtricks if you have any questions or in #productfeedback if you have comments you’d like to share with us!


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