Best-Practice for Defining Status ("on track, concerned, off track")



What’s up Everyone!!

So I’ve noticed that everyone has different ways of qualitatively judging a task, project, or OKR’s status:

  • “on track”
  • “behind” / “off track”
  • “concerned” / “at risk”

I’ve noticed software like Asana, 15five, Lattice, etc. all leave it up to the end user to define for themselves what differentiates between status levels whereas software’s like Atiim have a formula (based on proportion of total time) that automatically tells you if a task/project/OKR is “on track”, “at risk”, “concerned”, or whatever else.

SO, what has everyone here found to be best-practice for your business work or OKR status definitions/formulas? What is the actual difference/definition of “on track” vs “off track”? My feeling is it’s purely a personal confidence level BUT I like numbers so it’s hard for me to accept that :wink:


Hi @Sam_Leahey,.

Yep things I want to see and hear when managing the work.

Task has a small enough erfort to be able see progress every second or third day.

See meaningful comments on a regular basis to confirm work/effort is being undertaken.

Blockers called out quickly when found and enough thought given to what the impact is when one is found.

Movement of a piece of work between statues on a regular basis.

If I see the above I am comfortable that a piece of work is most likely to hit it’s due date. If I don’t then I start asking questions…

So based on the above I can’t see how calculations would work, it is purely based on my personal view and experience… Plus % remind me of MS Project and I still get nightmares…

Me personally I just have In progress, At Risk, Issue, FollowUp, External Action, Completed… blank is not started…



Great criteria @Jason_Woods!!!