Include "on hold" projects in the Portfolio Progress tab

Hi There, I saw a post from 2021 regarding the totals on the progress tab in Portfolios. It doesn’t add up because it doesn’t include on hold. The post confirmed this was expected behavior but it was asked if this could be added to a future release to change this. Can you provide an update if any changes are completed for this? Thanks! Toni.

Can you answer on the said instead? is it still open?

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This is a link to the topic.

Based upon the comments from the original ticket, if the on hold projects do not affect the overall progress then why would they be included in the total. Since the number don’t add up, our management team deems this page no usable because the totals don’t foot. Any thoughts on how this could be handled? Thanks!

@Bastien_Siebman were you able to review this item? I included the original post but it was closed so I am not able to post there.

Hello @Toni_Dougherty, and thanks for resurfacing this feedback. I can confirm this request hasn’t been prioritized so far. We will let you know here if this is something our team decides to ship in the future!