A deeper layer into the highlights of Portfolio Progress - add milestones to Portfolio Progress highlights

How is everyone using the portfolio progress update feature📈?

I personally love the feature as it gives the executive management a snap shot of where several initiatives are in terms of one portfolio, one objective.

The highlights feature though would require a bit further attention. Currently, Asana limits me to choose from Projects on track / off track / at risk or on hold along with their priority and owners.

In reality, when I am reporting on the progress of a portfolio, it is essential to highlight the key milestones from respective projects that either contributed to our success :trophy: or those that are blocked :x:

Having the ability to pull such milestones from the :mag:highlights feature would save me a lot of :hourglass_flowing_sand:time and make me more efficient. Why?
Because currently, I have 3 projects in one portfolio. When updating the portfolio progress, I have each project open in a tab. I look at the progress update of each project, and I also look at the milestones status. I use that to then write up key information management should be aware off when providing portfolio update.

The process has to be smoother. I must be able to stay on one screen👨‍💻, look at highlights and be able to select a project, choose milestones on track / off track etc and drag them to the respective progress section.


Thanks @Rashad_Issa! I’ve added your feedback to the post launch report I’m about to share with our PM teams about the recent On Hold status launch for status updates. Our team will continue working on new features to make the status updates more customizable and save you time!


Excellent! Thanks a lot Emily :+1:t3:

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Great idea @Rashad_Issa, I really hope this is something we can implement in a future update! We’ll keep you posted here when we have some news on this topic!

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Great post @Rashad_Issa! I, too, see a lot of potential to make this a smoother process and would love to be able to complete a portfolio update without having to reference projects in separate tabs.

Personally, aside from being able to pull in Milestones through Highlights, I would like to use Start/Due dates to report on the timing :stopwatch: of projects

  • Projects about to start (start date within 2 weeks of portfolio update)
  • Projects about to finish (same using due date)
  • Projects recently completed (due date within last 2 weeks of portfolio update)

This would be especially useful for those that use portfolio for sales pipeline tracking. It would make it easier to establish where project owners might need to update project start/due dates to support pending sales or implementation completions.


Thanks @Jerod_Hillard
And yes, I didn’t think of it that way, but your user cases would be very valuable as well :clap:t3::+1:t3: