Update wording on deleting a project dialog box

For users new to Asana, the warning provided by Asana when deleting a project is not informative enough. When I delete a project, the assumption is that I am deleting all tasks and subtasks in it - regardless if it is assigned or tied to another project. Otherwise I wouldn’t be deleting the entire project. The current wording does not give this clarity for new users.

I suggest adding the following wording to clearly state:

This will NOT delete:

  • Assigned tasks

  • Tasks linked to other projects

If you are new and testing Asana with a bunch of “dummy” projects, this is a painful lesson to learn after the fact and could easily be remedied with the wording suggestion.

Thanks for your consideration.

@Carey_GO - the modal currently specifies the inverse of your suggestion; is that not sufficient?

@Stephen_Li in my opinion - no.

As a newbie, you are still learning the nuance of assigned and unassigned tasks and you may not even understand the implications of tasks tied to other projects or not.

Because I am choosing to delete a project (which in most other programs means I acknowledge and want to delete everything in it), I think it needs to be explicitly stated what is NOT being deleted.

The wording in the current message “This will delete the project…” implies assigned tasks will be deleted … “,along with any…” of the other items mentioned. Why would I assume assigned tasks or completed tasks wouldn’t be deleted if I’m choosing to delete an entire project?

I think the current wording is a good reminder for seasoned users. I think the additional wording would be helpful.

@Carey_GO - understood; make sure you vote for your request using the purple “Vote” button at the top near the title!

@Stephen_Li Thanks for talking through this with me. Much appreciated.

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