Make ‘Add to Project’ searchable by Section name

Scenario: I have created a task and want to add it to the right project. I cannot recall the project name but I know what the section is called.

When clicking ‘+’ from the task details pane under Projects or doing the [TAB + P] shortcut, a search box is opened where the project name can be typed. Currently if I start typing the project name then the options appear with all projects containing the text and it shows which team it belongs to.

It would be really helpful if the search capabilities could be extended to include Section names.
For example, if I started typing with a prefix like :: the system knows by the :: that it’s a section I am trying to find. E.G ::{start typing section name}, the options that appear could then be with the project name, space, section, space, team. Or something like that? And I can then locate the correct project I need to add the task to