Filtering tasks by task name - maintaining the view within a given project


I’d love to see an option of filtering tasks by task name within the project - maintaining the view of columns and sections - like this:

Regular filter doesn’t give you such an option and advanced search is time consuming and returns results in an universal view, not asjusted to a given project.

2-3 months ago the option appeared in the list view but then is disappeared. I’m wondering why?

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Hi @Seweryn_Plotan , welcome to the forum :wave:

Do you mean the ‘search this project’ option which is/was on the right of the views bar under the overflow ... menu?

Can you see this in your Asana space?

or this?

Hi, thanks for the response.

No, I mean exactly same the option on the toolbar as I drew in MS Paint:

However it was there for only a couple days and only in certein projects or views (might be List view).

The option “Search this project” returns tasks in “general” view - I’m missing sections and columns other then tags.

I’m looking for something similar to this: but it should relate only to Task name. I remember Trello used to have it.

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Oh I see now.

It sounds like this was an A/B test. Perhaps the @Forum-team may be able to shed some light on it’s status?

Hi @Seweryn_Plotan, welcome to the Community! :handshake: I agree that this type of filtering would be helpful. Don’t forget to vote for your post as well. It seems like I was the first vote.

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