UI for adding Tasks as Dependencies needs improvement, should make Project clearer

It’s useful to be able to create dependencies across projects, but because searching for a Task searches all projects, not just the current one, the current UI makes it difficult to know if you are picking the right Task from the right Project, if you have Tasks with the same or very similar name in multiple Projects and they have long names or are Subtasks of other Tasks. Because the Project to which each Task in the search results belongs appears after the name of the Task (and the name of the Subtask appended thereafter), the Project name may not be visible at all!

I’d like to propose two improvements:

  1. Always display search results from the current Project at the top of the list. Dependencies are most likely to be within the current project and Tasks are least likely to have identical or very similar names within the same project. If Project Templates are in use, on the other hand, it’s likely that the same Task Name may appear in many Projects.
  2. Display the name of the Project to which a Task in the search results belongs underneath the Task name in differentiated writing, rather than after it, so that it’s always visible. Each search result might take up more space vertically, but that would still be more usable.

Screenshot showing current suboptimal behaviour (customers’ names are covered; the red redaction block used twice shows how the match from the current project shows up half-way through the results):