Maintain Customized Status Update Subsections when duplicating the project

We like the introduction of the new multiple, configurable sections in the status updates. However - a few things we’d love that would improve this experience. We export portfolios for ownership review, and there is a fair amount of reformatting required. It would be better if the individual status update subsections were their own column in the export. We’ve been making due with special characters reserved for delineation, so it’s ok. The larger issue is that when we duplicate a project or create a project from a template, the custom-built status update subsections don’t stay (Asana standard is “Summary/What we’ve accomplished/What’s blocked/Next steps” – we prefer “Status Update/Potential Risks/Next Steps”). It would be significantly easier for us to ensure consistency if this was configurable at the account level or at least if it carried over as projects were duplicated or templates were utilized.

Hi @Whitney, thanks for reaching out!

You are absolutely right. It’s currently not possible to maintain the customized sections in the status update when you duplicate the project. Although, we don’t have any immediate plans to add this option, I think this would be a great addition to this feature! Thanks for sharing!

I’ve also slightly updated the title to make it more discoverable for others. I hope you don’t mind.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions :slight_smile:

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