Show Summary, What we’ve accomplished, What’s Blocked and Next Steps sections on new status updates

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Originally all of my projects had the same 4 sections when you went to update the project status (Summary, What we’ve accomplished. What’s Blocked, Next Steps). Now when I create a new project and go to update the status I get only 2 sections (Summary, Next Steps). This is not just for this project but every project that is created. I am so confused on why the sections were removed and if this will happen for the rest of my team.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new project
  • go to update status
  • select on track

Browser version:
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Welcome, @Dylan_Kelley,

I confirm seeing the same thing.

@Forum-team, is this an A/B test or a product change?

I’ve moved this to a category where you can vote at the top of the thread to revert.



Thanks for looping us in, @lpb! You are right, this is part of an A/B test. I’ll post an update on this thread once I get confirmation if this update is launched to all customers already.

Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Dylan_Kelley!

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