Templates for project status updates

We use Asana to work on projects together with customers. Meaning: guest accounts are
involved in the project. After each milestone in the project we do a status update. For some status updates we almost use the same text (project kick off, postcare, closing). It should be more efficient to have the possibility to create a template for these kind of updates. Now we need to copy/past from a text file.


Hi @Thomas_D, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback :slight_smile:

When you personalise a status update, it will automatically be remembered for your future update. However, I can understand how a set of templates for project status updates would be helpful!

While these aren’t available at this time, hopefully this is something our Product team can implement in the future :slight_smile:


I am in the process of helping a team adopt projects status posts and standardize it. I then got the idea that it would be great if there were Status update layouts that I could save a template and then apply it to other project status updates.

Or save templates per project and then decide to use a specific layout when the status is green, and one that highlights overdue tasks when the status is “at risk” and another layout when the status is “Complete”.

This will help to standardize and automate a lot of updates.


Hey @Paul_Grobler,

I completely agree this would be very helpful!

I know about this existing feedback request thread that I also voted on and it seems you are looking for exactly the same feature?


@Andrea_Mayer thanks for pointing out the other request. @Forum-team can we merge the posts?


Thanks @Andrea_Mayer and @Paul_Grobler! I’ve gone ahead and merged this post with the main request to consolidate feedback :slight_smile:


IDEA: Allow us to create multiple “templates” for project status reports.

WHY IS THIS USEFUL: Can create outlines for reports of differing detail, frequency, etc. Projects dont require the same level of reporting from a week to week basis. And its frustrating to have to redesign the status report structure to reflect what the best layout is each week.


@FenwayJohnny, Since there was already a request for the same thing, I’ve merged yours into that thread and you and others can vote at the top.


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I just wanted to chime and say that this feature would be amazing!

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Upvoting this! Would love a way to customize the Status Report structure within Project Templates!!

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Concur with this request.

I would LOVE to have a way to switch the Status Headings to some other template.
We do weekly/monthly updates and not all the headings are relevant, depending on which type it is.

So having a way to switch the headings would be a great time saver.
For those templates - it may also be a good idea to be able to “select” who gets notified for that update - as some managers may be interested in a monthly update but not a weekly one.

I am sure there may be other scenarios where defining who gets notified would be useful.


Ditto to other requesters here. We have many projects across the organization and are doing the groundwork to get users to update at a regular frequency. People looking at the updates want to see the information laid out in a similar manner each time and “keeping the work in Asana” means we shouldn’t have to grab a word file to set it up each time a new project is created.

I also agree with everything listed here. We are trying to standardize the questions asked in our Status Updates, but the view I establish is not viewable by my staff. Looking forward to an update to be inclusive of this.

I agree – disappointed this isn’t already a feature

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I would also love to see that feature.

@Emily_Roman Is there anything like this in your backlog with a priority that gives us hope that this proposed feature will be in an upcomming release?


Another vote here!

Upvoting although I don’t see where this has been added. Looks like it’s been a while since it’s discussed. We really need to think about flexibility of the product. Each field / a template should be customizable by the admin or org owner and be cascaded down to other project in the group that person is running. The competition has the ability to do this easily.

Another vote here!

another vote here!

+1 vote. Saving Status Update template for Projects and Goals would be extremely helpful!