How to "template-ize" status updates for Goals?

Our company is implementing a different layout for status updates on Goals: we’re combining the “Summary” and “What we’ve accomplished” sections, and renaming “Next steps” to “Deliverables in the next two weeks.”

How can we make these labels stick and not have to re-type them every update? Can we make the text fields mandatory, too?

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Normally once you create a status update, you will see the format every time you want to update the project’s status.

Also here is a product feedback request thread about this topic:

Thanks @Andrea_Mayer. Yes, but the format applies to me only; everyone else would have to do it once themselves. I was hoping to just rollout a template that everyone uses from the get-go. Thank you for the prompt response though… appreciate it.

Okay makes sense. Definitely vote in the thread I shared. This way you also receive any updated about this topic in the future.

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