Create "Status update" templates

I want to create a status “Status update” template for the projects I’m overseeing with my team. Is it possible to create a template that will pull in the fields I want them to fill out? Right now, the default status update has several fields (Status, Owner, Dates, Priority), Summary, and Next Steps.

I’d like to be able to add additional free text fields like Barriers and default certain highlights, like completed and overdue tasks.

I know I can add these items when I’m doing an actual update, but I’d like my team to be able to see the same status update template so they don’t need to fields every time.

Hi @Harrison_Warren , welcome to the forum :wave:

Yes, you can definitely add more fields to status updates. The key is to add these fields into a portfolio that the projects belong to. Then, only the first time, the person posting will need to enable these fields, essentially setting up the ‘status update template’ as you mention.

Have a look at this post, which outlines the process for setting this up, for a similar use case:

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