Locking (read-only) tasks

I’m using asana to track internal resources for my team, but I’d like to lock tasks as read-only so team members don’t accidentally complete or delete them. Does anyone have any ideas for how I might do this? Thanks!

(I do understand asana is generally non-destructive, and I can recover the tasks if someone marks them “complete” etc…)


@Tyro answer is no, and i would definitely vote for this


Hi Tyro and Leiby,
Thanks for letting us know this is something you’re looking for. At this time there are no read only settings like the one you describe. However, I can understand your concern. Here at Asana, we use the Asana app for pretty much all of our work! We’ve avoided errors such as accidentally completing or deleting tasks through our so-called Asana conventions. While this is a temporary solution to what you’re looking for, I do think it will be a helpful interim solution. Please let us know if you have other questions.


Just so you know, we have been asking for this since we started with them back in 2014… so far, no go. Should be a basic security feature I think. Why would I want any one on my team to delete a task that I created. If I’m managing them, I don’t. No wonder they always get everything done! :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel the same I use asana in a non traditional manner and would like to be able to lock out a task so my team can not check it off as complete and not only take it off the list but all the conversations go as well. I am forever searching for completed tasks to make them active again. At lease one or two a day I am fixing.


Search for “comment only”. It’s now in beta for premium account. This should fix the problem once it’s officially launched.

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@Vib_Wor That’s awesome! I have a premium account but can’t find any such option. Where did you find it?


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