Oh Yes! Permission to comment only is here!

Comment only projects

Well done. Keep up the good work, Asana Team. :grinning:


This feature is really awesome. I know so many people who have requested this :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing @Vib_Wor !


Have tested it out and it look really awesome… A simple, yet powerful approach to what can sometimes be such a ‘difficult’ topic!

Thanks Asana Team, this is going to mean so much for our organisation!


What?! where? when ? how come I missed this?!

Hi there! Love your enthusiasm. This feature is slowly being rolled out to premium Asana users, so we can ensure the feature is in great shape for the full launch. If you’re not seeing the feature now, you can expect to see it in the near future @Rashad_Issa :slight_smile:


Early Christmas :slight_smile:

@Gearoid Great job that even these notifications are already translated into German!



I LOVE this! Will we be able to share information with project stakeholders who are NOT license-holders though? I’d love to let our business partners see the info in Asana, but they don’t need to complete tasks, so I can’t justify paying for a license seat for them.

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Hi Kim

You should be able to share content with stakeholders as guests. They can create free accounts and use them to access whatever you want them to see. We do this with other teams within our organisation - currently, our team is the only one with a Premium subscription.

If you want to control it even further, you could set up a separate workspace and invite stakeholders to that. We do that with some of our external contractors. They have access to what we’ve shared with them, and we can allocate and track their workload really easily. You could do the same thing with read-only projects.

I hope that’s helpful!


Did this affect the API? We want to be able to have users use Instagantt but read only without getting the live link in Instagantt… Just by being a comment only participant in a project.

ccing @johnnygoodnow on this question - he’s on our Dev Rel team and will be happy to help!

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Hi @Stephane_Gringer,

I’m not 100% sure how Instagantt implements this, but we shouldn’t expect any links to be any different with comment-only, i.e. comment only means you still have read-only access to the task itself, so you should still see a link to it.

If a user only has comment only access to a project, they shouldn’t be able to change anything about the underlying task outside of commenting on it.

@danielguajardok, do you have any thoughts on how Instagantt handles comment-only users interacting with tasks in Instagantt?

Hi @johnnygoodnow @Alexis and @Stephane_Gringer!

All actions happening through the API respect user permissions in Asana, so they shouldn’t be able to change tasks in Instagantt.

If you want to share a read-only link with some people, you can also use the “Public Snapshot” feature, which don’t even require an Asana Login to access. It’s a secret link you can share with them. And whenever you have a change on your Gantt, you can take a new snapshot and share that new link. Or share the “Master link” instead, which always redirects to the latest snapshot taken :slight_smile:


Thanks. I get that part of view only snapshots but I’m talking about projects where we have many members and some should not have the ability to log into instagantt on their own and accidentally sneeze and drag an item causing the whole project and it’s dependencies to shift. If we restrict comment only people we want to make sure they don’t have access to edit via instagantt. I’ll just have my team test the scenario out and report back.

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“Comment-only projects are only available to teams and Organizations on Asana Premium.”

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