Prevent User from Changing Task Name/Description



Hi there

Looking for a way to allow users to add comments to a task without allowing them to update Task Name or Description.

Help appreciated


Hi @Gary_Gertz

Unfortunately, there’s no way to restrict or lock down elements of Asana at this point. There’s another thread on it here, if you’d like to vote for that feature:


I guess Asana has the approach “trust the people to do the right thing”. If a name is changed, followers would be notified…
@Gary_Gertz did that already happen. Was it intentional?


We are exposing the Asana Project to Customers and are concerned that they can update/change the task name and description. And this kind of invalidates it as a “System of Record”. And yes it has already happened - although not maliciously. :slight_smile:


This approach doesn’t make any sense if you’re trying to have a system that manages projects. Governance is essential.


@Gary_Gertz if you need to only share the content, maybe my latest project can help, this is exactly what it is useful for! You can contact me for any question.