How to assign task and inform members without they can make changes to it?


I want to assign members a task and they get information in Ms teams, but they still not be able to do changing or mark complete. They can only see the task and the due date ? How do I do this


Asana doesn’t currently provide a way to make a task literally read-only. But what you can do, if the project is part of an Asana Premium organization, is to make the project a “comment-only project”. That way, your members can’t make changes to tasks in that project; they can add comments to tasks but that’s all.

How does one prevent due date changes by other team members?

Phil_Seeman, Thank you so much!

thanks to your suggestion i found exactly what i need in that i can make some members “editors” of a project and some as “comment only”

Thank you for your help!!!


Hey Phil,

Thanks again for you response above.

I have had some more time to play around with this and have come to the conclusion that what i am looking for is the ability to assign someone a task and fix the assignee and the due date, but give them free-reign to create as many sub tasks within the tasks as they (the assignee) want so that they can break down the task that they are given in what ever way they want.

Ideally we assign them the tasks but want them (the assignee) to use their own initiative on how they complete it. The initiatives will come through the itemisation of the sub tasks and they way they think.

Can this be done?


Chris Jesuthasan


There’s no way I know of to do that, unfortunately. While theoretically you could use multi-homing (assigning a task to multiple projects) to make some tasks in a comment-only project be editable to the assignee, this would make all aspects of that task editable, meaning not only could the assignee add subtasks but they could also change the due date, etc. which is what you don’t want.