Loading speed

Anyone experiences extensive delay in loading tasks and projects? I have many projects that are in hundreds and when open Asana it took around 3-4 minutes to load all the tasks. Is there a way top optimise the task and speed up the process?


We experience the same delay as you describe while we have a lot of projects in progress in our asana teams and especially on huge project space with more than 500 tasks… thats why we ask Asana to introduce personnal filtering based on fields in order te reduce number of visible tasks and so the presentation delay too (hope so). In state it is really frustrating in fact.

On what type of projects, number and size (tasks, comment and files) are you experiencing those delay?


Hi @Dat_Nguyen, I’d recommend reaching out to the Support team with the URL links to the project that you’re having trouble loading. This could be due to the large size of the projects, but our Support team can confirm if there’s anything else at play here.

@Rebecca_McGrath : In case display delay are confirmed on large project ( up from a number of task per exemple) by the support without solution, is it possible to have feedback on the feature request about individual screen list filtering to improve those delay ?


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Hi @nvlopp, we don’t have any updates on this feature request as of yet. I’ll keep you updated and let you know if we have any news from our Product team :slight_smile:

I have reach out to support team however nothing resolves.

That would be nice.

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