Images load slowly

I have the problem that when I open a task where I have added one or more images myself, those very images load extremely slowly or not at all. Images provided by other users load in normal time.
I have performed the check on No problems were found. Any ideas?


We have had issues as well for weeks with @Julien_RENAUD

Seeing the same problem for us about 1 week now. Images are loading very slowly in tasks.

Having issues as well since a few days

Hi everyone, sorry for the trouble. I’ve seen similar reports from our users, and this case has already been escalated. I’ve added this Forum thread to the escalation and hopefully we’ll have a fix shortly! I’ll keep you posted.


I conducted a small survey in our company. Apparently, all colleagues are currently having problems loading images.

Was this solved?
Something similar is user at-mentions are taking forever to lookup names. Similar to images taking forever to load.

Hi everyone, our Developers have confirmed that they’ve deployed a fix but are still monitoring to see the results. Can you let me know if the image loading time has improved?

@Michael_B sorry to hear about this issue with @mention. This might be a different problem, so if your team is still experiencing, we can create a separate topic to troubleshoot it and escalate to our developers if necessary


Hi Vanessa,

yes, the problem is solved. My colleagues gave me a thumbs up on image loading :wink:

Also works well again on my end :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for confirming the fix, and apologies for the delay! I’ll close this thread now, but let me know if it happens again :slight_smile:

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