Listing Tasks in Asana and eliminating duplicates

Hi everyone,

I’ve gotten into Asana very recently and currently try to figure out the specifics.
I’ve got a flow in Power Automate that runs every day to create tasks by itself from an excel table that is adjusted every day.

Due to me working with Microsoft Planner up until now, I’m searching for a way to emulate my current flow with Asana but don’t see an option that lists the tasks that are in my project - that would be vital to the flow because otherwise the automated creation would create duplicates of every task every day.

I’m looking forward to your input. :slight_smile:

Welcome, @Moritz_Klebl,

Asana has a robust public API (Build an app with Asana) but you’d have to check in Power Automate to see what they support from it in order to help you determine if a task has already been added.

Hope that helps,


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