List tasks & subtasks for a specific project

We have a project broken down into perhaps 20 sections, 100 tasks, and 150 subtasks. Is there a way to see (or print) the entire project, in the order we’ve laid it out? That is, subtasks within parent tasks within sections?

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Can’t you just click on options and print it?
I tried to do it with a project with a lot of tasks and subtasks and it shows everything

I think I found a better way. I can do an advanced search, and search for the specific project. Then sort the results by project (rather than the default last-modified) and it gives me everything I want, in the order I want. Save the report with the project name, and I can use this instead of clicking and viewing the project from the left sidebar. The advantage being that tasks and subtasks now show in one view, without having to click on individual tasks to see their subtasks.