Linking dependencies between Asana and Instagantt



We have just signed up for Asana premium and are really loving the system, which we are using along side Instagantt.
One of the things that I have noticed is that when we add dependencies into Asana these do not link through to Instagantt and visa versa, unlike the rest of the info that updates automatically.
Are there any intentions to allow this bit of data to integrate between the two systems?

Many thanks

Dependent tasks in API

@Stephanie_Woodward, thanks for the insight! Glad to hear you’re loving Asana and Instagantt.

Right now, dependencies aren’t available in our API, which means it’s not technically feasible to connect the two in the current state. We’re definitely tracking those requests, and we should have more news about what the API team will prioritize in the next few months. Let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks again for the feedback!


Thank You for bringing this up. We are also looking for this integration. Instagnatt is a game changer for us, but for many of our users who are only on Asana, the linkage would be very helpful. Also when they make changes, Instagnatt planning does get disturbed… This is something we as a team, constantly grapple with.



@Sara, Just wanted to know if there has been any progress on adding this capability between Asana and Instagantt?



@Tim_Hooper, thanks for checking back! There’s no updates, unfortunately – we’re trying to determine what our entire approach will be for our timeline view in terms of the API, and this decision is dependent (!) on that one. Will be sure to update here when we know more!


We really would like this feature as well.


I’ll take the liberty of moving this thread to the #productfeedback category so you can vote on this feature :slight_smile:


Idem here, we really would like this feature! And i am sure guys from Instagantt are ready to connect the API as quick as they can when it will be available in the API…


This is all the more needed now if you want us to migrate our timelines away from instagantt into the new asana timelines. We need to pull in all those dependencies!