Linking a task from a form or making it as a subtask

Hi everyone,

I’m currently thinking of a process that I would like to have in our company. Basically I’m using a project to manage all the different testing request from other departement (most of them have to go through my team). I was thinking of something like this :

  1. The requester fill a form where he can put all the details of the needed test
  2. He put (in some way and it’s where there is a blocking point) a link to the parent task (dependancies or being created as a subtask)
  3. The task is being created in my project where I can make it follow the process and plan the test

Do any of you know could I making it cleaner than creating the task with the form then make it as a subtask of the parent task then putting back in the testing project ? (that’s what I’m doing now but it’s not really smart and people don’t want to bother)

Thank you a lot for your help

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Hey @Etienne_Meunier welcome to the forum, did you find a solution to this ?
I’m not sure I understand the process. So the test is a part of another projects process? so you would want the form test submission to link back to any previous tasks etc?