Adding a task coming from a form to another project

Hello, I work for an events agency.

We have one project board per event. We create design requests for our design team through a form they created which links to their own project board, centralising all design requests.

I am trying to find a way to automatically add design request tasks to the relevant event projects (instead of doing it manually once the task has been created) but there doesn’t seem to be a way to add a dropdown to select a project board on the form.

I have explored rules but I don’t think this will work. I think in theory if the form was initially linked to each event board, a rule could add the tasks to the design board but we have many event template boards so our head of design would have to update too many forms each time he wants to make an edit.

Does anyone have any idea? Thank you!!

Hi @Camille_Wagner - welcome to the forum! I think the only way to accomplish what you’re seeking would be to follow your second instinct and create a form in your event template(s). In theory, this form shouldn’t change often unless your process is frequently changing (which seems like an issue IMO).

If you’re worried about needing to update dropdown options on the form frequently, you can use global custom fields to standardize and pre-populate those options on all forms.

You would then create a rule (also in the templates) that adds any tasks created from the form to the design project.

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Thank you @stephen_li - I see. So instead of briefing tasks through the Design Board form, we would need to brief tasks from each individual Event Board design form - which would then be added to the Design Board via a rule. Is that right?

@Camille_Wagner - yes, I think that’s your best bet. It’s the only way (currently) to make sure that these tasks automatically end up in all the projects you want automatically.

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